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David Li

Business Manager

SPM Biosciences (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Mr. Xiaoyu (David) Li is Business Manager of SPM Biosciences (Beijing) Co., Ltd. David is the business manager of SPM Biosciences to promote novel adjuvant on drone spraying and formulation innovation together with IPP, CAAS and China Agricultural University. He is a author of agribusiness global and has third-party alliance with key China agrochemical companies. Before SPM, David worked for Marketing Division of Bayer CropScience China as key account manager in charge of third-party alliance business. He also worked for Nutrichem and Mitsubishi Corporation China Commerce to develop global agrochemical market based on his more than ten years’ experience in China agrochemical industry.

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Xu Chen

Senior Global Business Development Manager 

Shuimu Biosciences Co.,Ltd.

Mr. Xu Chen is Senior Business Development Manager of Shuimu Biosciences Co.,Ltd. Xu is focusing on Global Innovation of Cryo-EM for Drug Discovery.

Shuimu Biosciences Co.,Ltd. is the unique China commercial structure analytic platform with the leadership of Prof. Hongwei Wang, School of Life Science of Tsinghua University.
Mr. Xu Chen is exploring on crop science solution to bring more value to global farmers. He is in charge of upstream R&D on the Ag biologicals, Ag chemicals, seed and Ag solutions.

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Prof. Xuemin Wu

Professor of National Pesticide Formulation Laboratory 
China Agriculture University

Dr. Xuemin Wu is Professor of National Pesticide Formulation Laboratory, China Agriculture University. Dr. Wu is the key advisor & expert of pesticide regulation to MOA & Ministry of Environmental Protection. He is also the expert of pesticide analysis of MOA. Focusing on pesticide formulation. Dr. Wu is the leader of pesticide formulation projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China. Dr. Wu is working with multinational companies to develop formulation technology of drone spraying and be the key advisor on formulation of drone application to ICAMA, MOA on the coming new regulation.

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Mr. Yangyang Li

General Manager

Beijing Hangtan Technology Co., 

Mr. Yangyang Li is the founder of Beijing HangTan Technology Co.,Ltd. which is the UAS crop protection service provider in China. HangTan Technology build self-owned Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle System (UAS) production line and collaborate with multinational & local crop protection companies. Mr. Yang is supporting matrix innovation to focus on agronomy science, UAS Crop Protection and plant nutrient enhancement. Mr. Yang integrates Digital Farming and Precision Ag to develop the efficiency of agriculture on more than 667 thousands Ha in China arable land on wheat, rice, potato and forest, etc.