How Extraordinary Leader Create Leadership Episode # 4 : Out of Ego

I change the title of my leadership articles into “ creative leadership ” . Mr. Bob Davids mentioned that the rarest commodity is leadership without ego at TEDxESCP. I sincerely hope everyone can have the capability to create more leadership for the world.

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Mr. Bob Davids are totally right. There are so many managers with MBA who can control your company and business very well. There are only three things can be controlled, the quality, the time and money. But the leader do not rule the stuff, do not manage the stuff.

On the controversy, does stuff want to be ruled ? Why they have to work for more than 8 hours for the goal you set for them? Why they shall contribute the enthusiasm to your management? Why they must self-motivated for the budget you push to them?

Economist said the salary of the employee is depending on which side is keen to have the other side, the employee side or the manager side? The principle can be also applied to the relationship between leader and the stuff. Do you need your stuff more eagerly than they need you?

When we talk about leadership, we commonly discuss under the condition that the leader need a extraordinary team for outstanding performance. Since extraordinary team is the king’s sward to help you win the battle of competition. You need your team very much!

Unfortunately it is very difficult to handle the genius team in most business organizations. It is because your team members have outstanding ego solidly together with their genius.

How about you? You could be just promoted from the sales representative position with excellent sales achievement. You must think your are the most smartest person in the world. When you start to be located into sales director position. The top sales ego can not be out of yourself automatically. With the ego, you might push your team accordingly like you push yourself for the goal of budget. It is almost the “ occupational disease ” which you can not stop stress your team members. The strings would be broken if they are too tight. You need find out better solution to lead!

Try to serve

Every stuff is trying to have self-improvement during their career development. It could be the top demand beside of payment. Working with outstanding people make them self-improvement happen! Good leader is outstanding people. So the leader maybe do not have same capability like their stuff, but they can influence their stuff by their action and decision marking. The behavior of the leader is reflection of leader’s value. The value is the true “ leadership ” to make people follow.

So what kind of value the team lead? As we mentioned before, leader shall be out of ego first! The wisdom from Buddhism mentioned the best way to get out from ego is to serve. You can utilize provide “ serving ” to your team to help yourself to be out of ego. The serving is not to let you serve your team as a waiter. You can provide inspirational questions for problem shooting. You can encourage the team to try another marketing strategy for new product launch. You can use your own personal relationship to help team to touch the high level management of their key accounts. To serve and to make team success is helping the leader to be a better person.

To do is better than to push

Mr. Dwight David Eisenhower brought a chain to train the generals as all supreme commander. Where ever you push the chain, you will never know where it heads. The truth happen in your team as well. Pushing is the easiest way to stress the team for excellent performance. But it usually union the team member to “ fight ” against you.

Do you really know how to train your team for excellent performance?

You shall focus on your business growth without any delusion in your mind. You need to design the strategy of marketing with your product manager. You need to visit your key accounts with your sales manager at least twice per quarter. All the involvement is aiming to open your mind to understand how far from your product to the true customer demand. And then you would know what you should do. Any good leader would not like to leave the true data only to his / her team. Get involved into the reality from office will make the leader as a lighthouse on the beach. People will follow the light and arrive at where they want to be.

Out of ego does not happen over one night. The leadership also need to practice. And extraordinary leader can be disciplined. We can not image how Mr. Eisenhower lead the whole team of generals to win each battle. But we know the soldiers would feel they mattered when they fighter together with the command without ego.

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